how many hookers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Must be more than 9 because my basement is still dark.

Friend Hey did you catch that game last night? I did, it was so good! After that I went to Kane’s, because Kanes is amazing! What did you do this weekend I did-

Me Dude are you the Terms and Conditions? Because I don’t give a fuck about what you say.

why are indians dark? because they are born and bred in chicken curry

Why did the kid name Jeff become gay because he grow up with out a father figure hahaha I love dark humor

What’s the relashinship between a pedofile and a light bulb, the both meant for dark rooms

I don’t have a joke but a poem about a sex/dark joke

Row Row Row your boat Gently down the stream Merrily merrily merrily I can make you scream

whats does dark humor and a child with cancer have i common?

that i will never get old.

katie Price’s answer for everything is darkness. She isn’t a dull person, but playing eye spy with my little eye with Harvey is just way too easy.

Dark Jokes R Like Pupies:

Once they come out they r trash but one it starts to get older that’s when it’s noticed but when it gets to old u either proclaim it dead or never talk about it

( I would never do dat though I love pupies )

what is the difference between a kid with cancer and dark humour? Dark humour never dies!

Q:I wish my grass was emo A: Then it would cut itself

Daddy, Why this red soup is so much sweet? Because you mother had diabetes

what is the diffrence between a blond and a nazi

the blond survived

potters are dead xoxoxoxoxox

an old man walks in a forest with a child and the child says its dark and im scared the oldman says how do you think i feel i have to walk out alone

What do you call 3 people in a dark room? A porno

101 pedo jokes whys everything x2, need to get this shit dick off before the coppers come, its called women taking advantage, youl shit the bitcoin, 90% percent of pedo’s who dont admit there like kids blame the police, shit your kappas, you only want my veins why dont you inject me with smack, run in with ya black armbands, ive been sized for a million pound, stop giving me strain asking questions, i know whats going to happen next, bet the judge is a women, jelous coz your drink tastes like shit?, is it coz your shit though?, how many bids have you done?, shit 1million views, dont try bribe me, did the police give me snip?, hows my barbie doll or shall i say my little pony? the police beat fuck outta me, whats all these needle marks on my arm, i can tell you want something, whys everything like one big cycle, police own the dark web,

keep it going on lol