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little johnny was siting in class one day and the teacher was talking about life and ask him " little johnny how do you want your wife to be like" and he answered " like the moon" and the teacher said " that's such a beautiful answer because it calm and peaceful " and little johnny said " no because it appears at night and disappears in the morning"


Rules of Dark humor: 1. All subject matter can be used, nothing is off limits. 2. No saying "Me" or "My Life" as a joke. Nobody finds those funny. We want actual good and meaningful jokes. 3. Don't Repeat Previously Posted Jokes. If you are saying the same joke that the person right before you posted you are just begging for attention and nobody by any means likes that. I will add more in the future and be frequent on this site. - Sincerely, Zane


Knock knock,

Whos there


Stop who

Stop posting stupid orphan jokes that have been posted on this site 10 times before

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Two police officers crash their car into a tree. After a moment of silence, one of them says, "Wow, that's got to be the fastest we've ever gotten to an accident site."

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I did so much research that I got BONE-tired from doing this TIBIA honest. You probably didn’t find that HUMERUS. I got a SKELETON of these puns. I guess i could learn a FEMUR puns. I was wondering if the the creators of this site could TALUS how they come up with puns or maybe give some advice? I'm only 14 years-old.

el sicko

What is a pedophile's favourite dating site? Kinder

Addison Banks age (8). "Gina Claw Scare"
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Myrtle Beach has a clear blue sky and sunny, a pleasant air to visit as a family. Don't you think they are not evil creatures and do you think they have them? "No, there are no gost or evil creatures." You can say that, but don't be surprised when Gina Claw Scare comes for you, aka GCS for short. Gina Claw Scare was born in North Carolina in August 1991. She died in 2000. No, that's not real. WRONG. Gina's real name was Gina Clawien Scaren. Yes, that's why her name is Gina Claw Scare. Why did she die? I know right? She died from a curse from her bad companions. We never knew their names. The curse sent her down a dark path, demons and hate comments from people on istagram, facebook and the worst jokes on the site.

Gina Claw Scare loved fire. Which means she was a pyromaniac. She would rise from the grave in which she was buried. Did what? Stop, for real this time! They buried her on a loan in the forest. That caught fire. "HARSH MAN!" I know right? She rises from that grave, she comes for the people who call her by name four times. Then she beat the drums and set your house on fire! A fire so harmful that you can feel hurt, friends. You can hear everyone's screaming. And then become like her. Never say her name. NEVER


I am an actual police officer (Not gonna mention with which department in case they actually check this site) and tbh I find these jokes funny as fuck, carry on boys

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why don't orphans have a site page? Bc theres no home page.

If you wont to get mental damage, visit the site:

School Shooter Memes

Hello, I am School Shooter Memes. For the last month I made School Shooter Jokes on the site, so now I want you guys to vote for the best one. It will be in a quarterfinal format with the 8 of them being the most liked. I will link all of the polls in the comments so make sure to vote for your favourite joke.

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Whats a book never written? Beautiful sites by a mountain, by rocky hill!

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Hey! This site has a home page, but I wonder if the orphans can see it..


IDK if this is a joke or a question but If killing yourself send you to hell where does siting in the waiting room get you?

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I heard a joke about heavy metal earlier. It was pretty ironic. I figured I would steel it and put it on this site. I mean, it was either that, ore lose it forever.


I was going to post a kobe briant joke but the site crashed

Lovely perv

Yesterday on the school bus my freind infront of me said she was 41% irish and 15% Mexican then my freind siting next to me said “wow almost half leprechaun” then I said “yeah and 15 percent wall climber”

Dragon king of bhutans cousin marriage!

I'm the champion of this site I fight with the ten rings and ten fists of the legendary buddah.

Now for my joke... Why does Peter pan always fly? Because he neverlands..

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This site is darker than fingering your sister and finding your dad's wedding ring.

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This web"site" sucks it never sites the correct information