Robbery Jokes

I saw a robbery at the Apple store.

Am I an iWitness?


Me: (pointing up in the air) "EVERYBODY LISTEN UP THIS IS A ROBBERY" Girl: "dude, this is a library" Me: “oh” (screwing on a silencer)

Anonymous anananananan
in Orphan

why does the orphan do robberies?

because he wants to be wanted

in Orphan

Why did the orphan commit a bank robbery?

So he could be wanted.


Why did the robber take a shower before his robbery?

So he could make a clean getaway


What do you call a bank robbery with MrBeast? A donation team.

in Little Johnny

so little johnny seen a robbery so he tried to stop the robber to the robbers surprise he was amazed so johnny got 20 shots to the head the end

in Gun

Robber:this is a robbery bitch Gunsalesman:No u


have you heard about the pedophile who was found guilty of robbery?

  • he robbed children of their innocence