What do you take care of after a car crash? The witnesses

A panda walks into a bar, he asked the bar tender for a sandwich and then proceeds to shoot him the leaves the bar. Later on, after asking witnesses, the police track down the panda and take him to the station. They question him and ask, “why’d you do it?” The panda replied, “it’s what pandas do, look it up.” So they did, they went on Wikipedia and there it was: Pandas eat shoots and leaves.

There r 3 things wong wit dis world.

  1. Spelin

B. Maths

There is a man in the hospital the power went out and the man was stabbed to death, there are three witnesses, the nurse who was with another patient, the doctor who was reading some paperwork, and The Who was at the vending machine, who killed the man? The mom did because you can’t use a vending machine when the powers out!

What is a threesome with 3 guys?

Gay sex and a witness

r u a toaster? cuz i wanna take a bath wit u r u a knife? cuz u make me wanna kms r u a painting? cuz i hang u r u the flu? cuz u make me wanna hurl r u a newspaper? cuz u have new problems everyday r u the ground? cuz im six feet deep in u ;)

what do you call a chicken wit no legs? ground chicken 🤣💀🐔 Get WRAY’DDDDD

Why did the cowboi die wit his boots on?? He didn’t want to stub his toe when he kicked da bucket😂😂👌🏻👌🏻… knee slapper

wat did te skeleton say to te oter skeleton ive ot a bone to pick wit you

tat was a real rib tickler ive ot a skeleTON more of te skelePUNS