Common Jokes


what do ants and Michael Jackson have in common. They go in kids pants

in Blonde

What do a blonde and a doorknob have in common? Everyone gets a turn ;)


What does a person that’s high and Helen Keller have in common? Both stare off into space


What does a bar fly and a Necrophiliac have in common?

They both enjoy a Cold one once in awhile.


We’re all unique, which is something we all have in common.


What do a circle and a sphere have in common?

They’re round. And round is a shape.

in Band

What do Marie Antoinette and 2005-2012 Korn have in common?

They’re both Headless.


What do cake and baseball have in common?

Both need batters


What does a kite and a criminal have in common?

They both get high

Your mum
in Depression

What do Sloths and depressed people have in common? They bot hang from the tree


What do visiting goatman’s bridge and a bungee jumping accident have in common? You hear a snap, and suddenly you’re falling from a bridge.

in Puns

What does a lawyer defending a killer and a password have in common? They’re case sensitive

in Orphan

What do phones and orphans have in common? They selfie. (Its because they don’t have parents)


What does Philippe Petit and New York citizens have in common

they both walk over the twin towers

Zach Topping
in Offensive

What does a frozen loading screen and a make a wish kid have in common?

They both couldn’t make it all the way

in Blonde

What do a blonde chick and a field of wheat have in common?

They’re both bound to get plowed at some point in time.

in Blonde

What do a blonde chick and a turtle both have in common?

When they’re on their backs they’re screwed.