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Will glass coffins be a success? – Remains to be seen.

Q: If George Washington was alive today, what would he do? A: Scratch mercilessly at the coffin walls, while screaming at the top of his lungs!

Hears the news about Sandy Hook Person 1:God,I can only imagine what was going through those kids heads in the last moments of their lives… Person 2:Probably Bullets Person 1:OMG!!Can you even think of what their parents are going through?! Person 2:Probably Coffin Brochures Person 1:… Person 2:Its called dark humor.Dark humor is like food,not everyone gets it.

You’ll end up DEAD if you don’t stop COFFIN!!!

What’s made of wood and is zig zag shaped?

Stephen Hawkins coffin

When earthquakes hit coffins become maracas underground

Your mom ma so fat she won’t be in a coffin when she dies she won’t fit in it

What is a box called when a cough dies in it?

A coffin

How do you know a vampire’s sick?

If he’s coffin (coughing?)

Why are graveyards so noisy? Because of all the coffin!

What’s the difference between a living and dead person?

I don’t know, I just bury the coffin.

The vampire was kept awake all night because of his wife’s coughin’ (coffin…coughin’…get it?)