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what do you call a person with a a in there in autisim

Why do ya’ll call a pickup truck- cause ya got a flat tire

Who did Stephen call when he crsshed…The geek squad

What do you call German Music in Spanish? Españodelling.

Want to hear a joke its called life

If a person in a wheel car runs you over, can you call it a Hit and Can´t Run

What a group of Disabled people in a coma called?

A Salad

What do you call a retarded Catholic?


You’ve got a body inside you - It’s called your bones.

What is a box called when a cough dies in it?

A coffin

When your at breakfast with disabled kids and you call your friends name and he thinks your disabled so he hurries the f... outta there.

What do you call a smart egg? An egg head. That was an eggscelent joke.

What do you call a person with one arm one leg one eye and one ear ONESY “Hey dad how do you kill a star?” -give them drugs

Did you know hospitals have an entire wing for free dead babies? It’s called the abortion center

What do you call it when you’re trying to find out what someone had for lunch?

An ingestigation.

What do you call a guy with a bald head and loves to eat biscuits, raisins and caster sugar? - Gary Baldy (Garibaldi)

What do you call vampire Matt Damon? Bat Damon!

one day a skeleton never worked every one called him lazybones.

What do you call an appetite including apples? Appletite.

I had a friend named wemiyoe … We call him we me you