What’s Yellow and can’t swim?

A bus full of dead babies

What did the bus driver say to the nut 🥜? Where do you live

What is big fun loud? A school bus 🚌

Why did the chicken 🍗 cross the road? To get to the other side

Why did Billy drop his ice cream, He got hit by a bus.

Q: Why did Sally drop her ice cream?

A: She got hit by a bus

Me:Why did the bus drop his ice cream? Sanity to live: I don’t know? Me:He was run over by Timmy!!! Sanity to live?dies Me:At edge of bridge wow sweat view Sanity to live:resurrected Narrator: sometimes a bridge is all you need… (sponsored by jumping bridges)

Why was the bus 🚌 sleeping? Because it was too tired

What is big and fun and yellow? A school bus 🚌

Bus went vrrrrrrrm

What is the difference between a school bus and a baseball ⚾️? You can throw a baseball ⚾️ and you can’t throw a school bus 🚌

Why couldn’t the midget ride the bus?

He can’t slam dunk his bus fare!

whats yellow and cant swim?

a school bus full of children

I love bus jokes

What is big yellow and cant swim

A school bus full of children

What’s yellow and cant swim? a bus full of kids

So I was looking though my pictures and I found a picture of a random kids that took a picture of his ugly face it look like someone that got hit by a car than a bus than a semi

That’s what I get for not having a password on my iPad

Whats something yellow and cannot swim? A bus full of children

Bus dirver - please give your seat to the white pearson rosa parks - ok

The other day a squirrel asked me for a job, I asked him what jobs did you have previously. Calmly he answered," I am a pilot, I can pick it up from here and pile it over there, I also can fly a sign!!!" " To bad, this is a nut cannery, and we’re 100% automated, we don’t need anyone at this time, sorry." " No worries, I’m totally nuts anyway, guess I’ll fly a sign across town, don’t have bus fare!!!"