i got hit by a bus but the bus was my ex

How do you get 100 Pikachus on a bus? - Pokemon

why did the boy drop his ice cream…he got hit my a bus.

So there were kids in the bus and half of them were white and the other half was black, all the kids wanted to sit at the back so the bus driver said to all the kids stop fighting from now on everyone is now green, so the bus driver said to all the kids dark green go to the front and light green at the back.

What kind of bus is yellow? A school bus driver.

What is yellow and can’t fly? A school bus

What did the bus driver say to the car? What is your address

What is better for bus drivers? A. Magic school bus 🚌

What is bus driver that does not work? A useless one ☝️

What is a bus ride that is dumb? A boring one

What is big fun loud? A school bus 🚌

My daughter came home from school later then usual I was panicking then at 5:30pm she arrived not walking but in a bus 🚌 I asked where the hell did this bus come from! She said the garage in the alleyway mama I bought it for five gummies and eight buttons you like her she is called belle bus. My face was just:😑 how did u get the bus here she reply’s with a whisper I drove her through five gardens a house and two police cars! 🙃 so that explains why you have handcuffs on “yeah!”

Girls are like a bus you might miss the first bus an catch the second bus

Ur the bus driver, the busy driver picks up twenty kids, drops two, picks up eighty. Drops seven picks up a women with green eyes, drops off a man with blue, kicks a kid in the face, and burried his mother. Who’s the bus driver You will never nose

What’s the definition of total chaos? A bus load of retards passing a magnet factory.

Ignition of the bus engine



What do you call a school bus that you can not drive? A friend

What do you call a bus going backwards. A sub.

What do call a flying bus? An Airbus.

son: yo dawg, tell me a story dad: yall motherfuckers aint gon believe dis shit, so there was dis fairy aight, she had wings, so she flys into a kfc, and comes out with wings, chicken wings. Also why did hawking try to walk across the road, his wheelchair only goes 1 mph so he got hit by a bus.