Will knott


Man: aw man im having a bad day Man's friend:same Man:so why did you have a bad day my brother got hit by the school bus Man's friend: i got fired as a bus driver Man: oh great heavens

A man went to buy 5 undie so he said hi 5 undis plz 1 4 each weekday.and then another man comes and said hi 7 undies please 1 for each day and theyll finish cleaning by sunday so the cashier said now thats more like it and then another person said hi 12 undies please wait imma double check january fe

I was siting in class when my theacher said have any questions the SUSpenDID Class clown said whos joe so teach said joe who so the clown said joe mama so i said what in the BALLS so i ended up stay in detention with the clown ah so cozy

Never give up cuz never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you never gonna make you cry never gonna say good bye never gonna desert you

I went to an inerview and my future boss said hi my name is watt niseto meet you i Then said WHAT IS UR NAME he then said What is not my name watt is so i replied ugh fine i guess i ll call you wha then he said wha i not my name and then i said ugh fine my name is will knott he then replied hi will not

Luke ask his friend how old is youre father James replied hes as old as me luke then said it doesent make any sense james then said he became father when i was born

Mummy how was i born? Mummy replyed well you father and i got married and soon i became fat and you came out and then in out in out and after u did that a millon times u were born