Box Jokes

Prince not so charming

How did princess Dianna die? Giving the glove box head.

Abortion is becoming more and more expensive these days. So visit Ammu-nation and pick up an Armsan RS-X1 tactical shotgun, it comes with a free box of ammo and a three year warranty. Buy now pay later.

when your rother sends you to go get a box of condoms for his b day (* *)

Why is a gun like a box of chocolates? If you pull one out in class, everyone wants to be your friend.


How many children can you fit in a box?

Maybe five if you have a trash compactor.


Yo momma so stupid she eats cardboard boxes thinking it’s chocolate bars.


What does a brand new house, me, and new jewelry box have in common?

We’re all empty on the inside.


Q: what is a box favourite sport

A: box-ketball

Life is like a box of chocolates. It doesn’t last long for fat people.

The pope drives around in a glass box or as I like to call him a snipers dream

Ariana Grande
in Michael Jackson

What does an X-Box and Michael Jackson have in common? They’re both made of plastic and little kids turn them on

in Dark Humor

How do you get 50 hungry kids into a box. You put a can of beans in there.

how do you get 50 hungry kids out of a box. you run pass with a can opener.


Yo mama such a milf she deserves a tongue punch in the fart box


2 boys came home for dinner late and their mother asked, “where have you boys been?” 1 of them replied with, “we were all over the neighborhood, we’re mail men now.” Their snobby teen sister said, “well your not real mail men, real mail men use real letters.” Then 1 of the boys said, “actually we used real letters, we found a whole box of them under your bed.”

in Basement

Children are like a box of Christmas decorations. I keep ‘em in my basement until it’s time to hang ‘em from a tree.