Sheila, the Aussie housewife, got out of the shower and slipped on the bathroom floor. Instead of falling over forwards or backwards, she did the splits and suctioned cupped herself to the floor. She yelled out for her husband, “Bruce! Bruce!” and he came running in. “Bruce, I’ve bloody suctioned myself to the floor” she said. “S’truth, Sheila!” Bruce said, and tried to pull her up. “You’re stuck fast girl. I’ll go across the road and get me mate Cobber.” They came back and they both tried to pull her up from the floor. “No way, we can’t do it!” Cobber said, “So let’s try Plan B” “Plan B?” exclaimed Bruce, “What’s that?” “I’ll go home and get me hammer and chisel and we’ll break the tiles under her” replied Cobber. “Spot on” Bruce said, “While you’re doing that, I’ll stay here and play with her nipples” “Play with her nipples?” Cobber said, “Not exactly a good time for that mate” "No… " Bruce replied, “But I reckon if I can get her wet enough, we can slide her into the kitchen where the tiles are a lot cheaper”

How do you tell when a blonde just lose her virginity? Her crayons are still wet.

when sara gets naked in the shower she turns her taps on :)

Everyone is saying about head and shoulders and that he never had a shower his batteries would have got wet

To mama so far when she wanted to get wet she used the highway as a slippn’ slide

A fly is 6 inches above water and a fish sees it and it leaps out and gets the fly then a bear garbs the fish and eats it, then a hunter shot the bear and a mouse saw some crackers and then leaped on the cracker and ate it then a cat runs down to get the mouse trips and falls into the water and that’s the story of how six inches can get a pussy wet.

what do you call a wet condom

a wet condom

I wonder if the 2 Irish kids off the Titanic movie who went to sleep before it sank had wet dreams?

Why fishes not sleeping? cause the bed is wet.

this one time i said to a person that tehy are dry they i was wet (ba dum tiss) my bully said i have to shut up i said shut down (ba dum tiss)

One time in the butt. Two times, in the butt. Three times in the butt makes a slut hot and wet

what do you get when you throw a pebble in the ocean? A wet pebble

I like my women like I like my diving pool Deep and wet

What do you get when you put a clown a peodofile, a gay wet person? Answer: YOUR DAD