this one time i said to a person that tehy are dry they i was wet (ba dum tiss) my bully said i have to shut up i said shut down (ba dum tiss)

when sara gets naked in the shower she turns her taps on :)

To mama so far when she wanted to get wet she used the highway as a slippn’ slide

Everyone is saying about head and shoulders and that he never had a shower his batteries would have got wet

A fly is 6 inches above water and a fish sees it and it leaps out and gets the fly then a bear garbs the fish and eats it, then a hunter shot the bear and a mouse saw some crackers and then leaped on the cracker and ate it then a cat runs down to get the mouse trips and falls into the water and that’s the story of how six inches can get a pussy wet.

i slip on the wet floor, haha silly water :) -Kachow!!! -LMQ, You know what comes before lighting? THUNDER KACHIGA

What goes in dry and comes out wet?

A dick

I like my women like I like my diving pool Deep and wet