School Bus Jokes

Man: aw man im having a bad day Man's friend:same Man:so why did you have a bad day my brother got hit by the school bus Man's friend: i got fired as a bus driver Man: oh great heavens

Teacher on school bus everybody sit down now the bus is about to start Ben: I’m not going to sit down I don’t want to, Teacher: you have to or else u have to get off the bus, Teacher: “stands up” Ben: then u should get off the bus cause ur not sitting.

Your mama is so fat and stupid. She got hit by a school bus. Her reply was "who threw that Twinkie at me.

What does a school bus crash and a train crash have in common?

They always line up.

Inmate 1: why u in prison then? Inmate 2: I killed 4 people and robbed someone, watta bout u? Inmate 1: I blew up a school bus Inmate 2:OMG YOU DEMON WERE THEY AUTISTIC? Inmate 1: no they were fortnite kids Inmate 2(who is Muslim): halelouia we have found the messiah

Whats the difference between a school bus and my Dad's van?

Schools buses usually don't have screaming and crying children