Chess Jokes

Wonder why the British are so good at chess? They have the queen.

Wonder why Americans are so bad at chess? They lost two towers.


This chess game against America and England is getting interesting, first America lost both of its towers but now England has lost its queen

Why doesn’t the US wanna play chess with the UK?

The US is already down 2 towers and the UK has a unkillable queen.

Why can’t orphans play baseball they ant got got no home to run to Why can’t England people play chess they ant got no queen

Why is Afghanistan good at chess? They take the rooks out fast.

What is the biggest fear of an American soldier taking a piss in a bush during the Vietnam war? His manhood will be chopped off.

Why does us suck at chess? we lost both our towers. Why is england so good at chess? they still have their queen. Why does russia suck at chess? they only have pawns