My girlfriend treats me like God. – She ignores my existence and only talks to me when she needs something.



I went trick or treating this year with friends. Good thing I dressed as a zombie … no one could tell that it was their blood



Where are you not allowed to go trick or treating as a ghost? Harlem, New York.



My wife left me for an Indian guy. – I know he’s going to treat her well, I heard they worship cows.


Depressed Onion

The bible says to love your neighbors as you love yourself. So I treat everyone like garbage



How to treat someone who’s lesbian, gay, queer, transgender or bisexual

The same way that you would treat anybody else you homophobic bastard



Im treated like god when im home, im usually ignored until someone wants something.



So i was sitting with my little brother and talk about our dreams. “What do you wanna be when you grow up?” I asked him. He answered “A doctor!”. I wanted to tease him so i said “I wouldn’t be treated by a doctor like you”. I was hoping he would get mad or something but instead, he calmly replied “Brother, i said doctor. Not a vet”



In History class, the teacher taught a lesson about serial killer Albert Fish. Back in the early 20th century, Fish reportedly kidnapped, ate, and raped over 100 kids. He mainly chose victims who were either retarded or black. Further on the lesson, the teacher explained how in those days, black people were socially not equal with white people, and how people with mental illness were not accepted and treated properly due to a lack of knowledge of mental health.

One of the students raised their hand and said, “You ought to be arrested”. The teacher confusedly asked, “Why?”. The student explained, “Because you’re thinking like Albert Fish”.


the wicked wiener

a kid is trick - or - treating. he knocks on a door. then someone opens the door and the kid said, “HI I’M THE WICKED WIENER!”!!!🌭😺😸😹😆😅😂🤣😄



Hi, I was a feminist until I realised that A. Feminism Is just a pile of dumb shit

B. That Men are actually treated unequally.


we should all say sorry to the boys for pissing them off.



Welcome to

where we treat our patients nicely




My family chastises me for MY job, but you should hear how my family provides “customer service” at their jobs. My mother works as a social worker and answers the phone like, “DYFS, you beat em, we treat em.” My grandmother is a Medical Examiner and she answers the phone like, “City Morgue, you kill em, we chill em.” These bitches have no class! I’m an actress and studio secretary. When you call the studio, I answer the phone professionally like, “Good afternoon. IHOP, International House Of Pussy. Creampie Cassie speaking”.



I entered kians house, at the top of the stair i was greeted my greatest fantasy, JOHN, he said in a manly tone, “hello there” i walked slowly up the stairs and greeted him back, as i walk past his room i felt uneasy , i walk into kians room to find no one, i turn around and gasp, john is standing there, a bulge had appeared and poked me as he got nearer, he pushed me onto kians bed, the bed was that bad it broke as i fell onto it, john says “a broken is nothing to worry about” i look up at him in disbelief, hes more masculine than i thought, he thrust himself onto me, his crotch area sticky to the touch, he then ripped a fart as he bent over, at this point i knew it was to late john, the fart he ripped(sticky to the touch) had me so in shock i wasnt ready for what was next, he picked and jamp on my head ripping the most monstrous, enormous, deadyl, sticky to the touch fart id ever seen, it knocked me out, i awoke to find i was in the WALLS, i looked out to find i was in the glory hole, my worst nightmare had become reality, i fully understood my purpose in life was to the holy glory hole, i heard “GRANDAD CAN I GET SOME V-BUCK” i then knew i was in for some kian treats The end