I sit because i can’t stand you

what keo stands for? kick elmo more

Must. Escape. Meme. Existence is what meme stands for for some haters

why was the short person a coward.they didnt stand up to challenges

So I went to a mall and I was finna buy sumn…and I saw a little boy and he said “hello”,so then I past by him and he said “hi” and I was like “hi nigga” and he said "um just wondering sumn…“i mean I like jokes but what is dark humor?” And i was like “umm🤔… its like 🤔🤔…like you see that guy with out legs? Tell him to stand up”…and he said “I’m blind nigga” and I said “exactly homie”…aight nigga peace and look out😏😉

yo mama so fat she stand on the scale and the scale says: i want your weight no your phone number

What does ACLU stand for? American Communist Lawyers Union

What did the Army Solider say after he got his legs fixed?


What does BLM stand for? Bisexual Lifes Matter

What does BLM stand for? Bisexual Lives Matter

The duck walked up to the lemonade stand. And he said to the man Running the stand Hey Bomp bomp bomp Got any grapes?

All these jokes are so offensive Mr. Hawking just won’t stand for it

I went to a stand up show with the person who made my like a joke

The married are on holiday on Italia. They look at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. He says:

  • Look, honey, this tower is crookedly standing She:
  • Shut up

(Standing means: penis erextion)

What do you call two micahael j fox’s standing next to eachother?

Parallel Parkinson’s

Why are feminists jealous of men? because men don’t have to stand up to piss

Why do people in wheelchairs get bullied? Because they can never stand up for themselves

What does the initials bible stand for? Bull In Book Lacking Evidence

Did you know the letter F in orphan stands for family?

Two girls are at a play and are about to go on the stage.

Ally before the other girl gos on stage: break a leg!

Rachel: alright!

On stage, Rachel trips over a stand and breaks her leg

Rachel calling backstage: I broke my leg!