The F in orphan stands for family… oh wait

The M and D in orphan stands for Mom and Dad.

why are dolphins so smart? Because within three hours they can train a human to stand at the edge of the pool and feed them fish!

Why did the people think Stephen hawking was disrespectful? Cause he didn’t stand up for the national anthem

What does NASA stand for?

Not A Space Agency

Q: What do the St. Louis Rams and Billy Graham have in common? A: They both can make 70,000 people stand up and yell, “Jesus Christ.”

Florida: Homemade Taco Stand

California: Homemade Lemonade Stand

Alabama: Homemade Abortion Stand

Two windmills were standing in a wind farm, one asked whats your favorite type of music, the other one replied… IM A BIG METAL FAN

There was a man he came home with his friends from the bar and man; was he ever wasted. Their friends made sure to get him home safely the next morning he woke up and found blood all over his night stand he called his friends and asked for his alarm clock back.

A mom and her two children were eating at a place well playing trivia when she ask what does aids stand for? Her son Dallyn has no idea but her daughter Emberlee who has always been a little odd says ‘’ An Intentional Disease’’ her brother mom just Stared!

Me: I want to be a stand up comedian Friend: You have to be able to stand up

Why couldnt proffessor xavier fight magneto? because he couldnt stand up for himself

Instead of walking through the door, the owner of the house broke in through the window. When he came out, a man standing on the sidewalk walked up to him and asked why he hadn’t just walked through the door. The owner responded, “I’m pollo vegetarian, and I really just wanted a bit of food.” When the man looked confused, the owner said; “Windows are nature’s vending machine.”

There are 4 people in a line three stand up and say we are standing up for cancer and then thers the one in the weelchair

What’s steven hawking’s favourite type of comedy?? Stand up

Yo man, stand up

short person stands

No, seriously man, stand up

Why do disabled always get picked on?

Because they can’t stand up for themselves

The teacher asks her class “What is sex?” and Little Jonny stands up and says “sex is the temptation caused by the sensation when a boy sticks his location into a girl’s destination. Did you get my explanation or do you need a demonstration?” and the teacher fainted.

What does the Bible stand for? Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

why would a dead guy lie?

because he can’t stand up