whats the differences between a t rex and your sister i can’t stick my dick in a dinosaur

went to my friend’s house fucked his sister

i hade a fun fenaral / birthday

I told my sister a Dairy joke,

She said it was cheesy.

whats the difference between a lambo and a boner

your sister didnt give me a lambo

my sister said im stupig todah and shes the on whu wrot dis

today I told my Sis knock knock and she said who’s there and I said I Eat eat my mop and she said I eat mop poo instead of who

Me:Sister STOP STEALING MY STUFF OR I WILL MAKE U FEEL BAD Sister:No I wont stop Me:Fine im telling the world what u did Sister:What you will see when i post it Sister:WHY DID U TELL THEM I PEED ON SANTA CLAUS WHEN I WAS 12 YEARS OLD ME:BECAUSE U DON´T HAVE A LIFE

my sister and I were hanging out when she opened her drawer and pulled out 3 condoms and said “pick one”

What did the pond brother say to his lake sister?

Oasis! (Oh hey sis!)

If you have a twin sister do you have the same name? Only if you’re mom and dad give you the same name

I was going home and 3 guys came up to me. An Italian, black, Spanish. They said you should be a proud brother your sister knows her meats, I didn’t know what they were talking about. They said sister won a trophy you will see it when you get home. I went home my sister said look I won a trophy by knowing my meats. I said what do you mean well 3 guys blindfolded me and I gave them a blowjob each one of them, and I guest which flavor was it. I was right all the time that’s how I won my trophy. Has a big brother I couldn’t be any prouder.

My sister has cows and after 4 months she said the was a miss steak.

My sister said the onion is the only vegetable that can make you cry … So I threw a carrot at her

My sis is very funny her fave joke is Nock nock who is there mr nobody mr nobody I just told you

So one time I was looking up the definition of accident because I was a little dumbo and didn’t know what it meant. Then my sister walks up behind me, and points at the word and says, “That’s you!”(meaning that I was an accident) A few minutes later, we had a big family meeting and my dad said to my sister, “Sweetie, you were an accident. We didn’t mean to make you. But we still love you with everything we’ve got.”

My sister never talked to me again and left the house. She was 17 when she left. Seriously, 17-year-olds just never mature, huh?

If I had a sister with only 1 leg… Wouldn’t her name be I-lean?

Q. There were 2 sisters. One was having twins and asked her sister to help name the children. If one was named Deniece, what was the other named? A. Denephew.

My mom show me that she could deep throat a banana. I ask how you know how to do that. My mom said I practice on your step father.

Once upon a time, fraternal twins, brother and sisters, with almost 100% equal DNA were separated at birth. At the age of 42, they were married, had 2 sons and 2 daughter. They took an ancestryDNA test, and the results were scientifically sexually shocking.

So I was watching tv right? then i f…ing got banged in the eye with either a remore or metal tongs “wtf”