my mom said take out the trash and i said okay. the next day she asked “where is your sister”, and i said in line to get crushed.

What’s worse then a baby in a trash can?

A baby in 10 trash cans.

How to know if your wife is dead ; well the sex is still trash ;but the dishes really start to pile up

What’s worse than a baby in a trash can?

A trash can in a baby

Where did Sally go during the bombing? Everywhere!

What’s worse than Sally in a trash can? Sally in thirteen trash cans.

What’s worst than 2 dead babies in a trash bin? 1 baby in 2 trash bins.

What is worse than a dead baby in a trash can? 100 dead babies in a trash can. What is worse than that? There’s a live one at the bottom. What is worse than that? It eats its way out. What is worse than that? It comes back for seconds.

What’s worse than sally in 1 trash can, sally in 13 trash cans

Dark Jokes R Like Pupies:

Once they come out they r trash but one it starts to get older that’s when it’s noticed but when it gets to old u either proclaim it dead or never talk about it

( I would never do dat though I love pupies )

you know bins??? they’re TRASH

I once had a trash can as a girl friend I was ready to break up with her but all she had to say was "please don’t dump me" then I said “sorry i’m ready to take out the trash”

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