Trash Jokes

my mom said take out the trash and i said okay. the next day she asked "where is your sister", and i said in line to get crushed.

Bully: "I would roast you but my mom told me not to burn trash." Me: "So that's why you haven't burnt yourself yet." 🤔

A man walks to the window and opens it and pulls out his phone and takes a photo. "One more picture and I'll jump." He takes another photo and shuts the window. "I can't jump, you're not supposed to throw trash out the window."


I'm still not sure how I'm not in jail or have been fined for littering. When I was born, I was born in a hospital trash can, therefore making me a literal piece of trash. That being said, any time I'm out in public, I'm a piece of litter.

What's the difference between a dead baby and an orange? I don't keep a trash bag full of oranges in my basement.

fat kid jumps in the pool. the popular girl: I thought there was going to be a tsunami. the fat kid: I thought trash was not supposed to be in the ocean.

One man's trash is another man's treasure he said when he found out his parents split up and is adopted