I am a George Formby fan,and I love football…my favourite manager was Arsen Wenger…my favourite referee was Collina…my favourite player was Dean Windas…so my favourite George Formby song was Wenger,Collina,Windas

whye dose Sam sung sell TeeVss? Cuss thay make them?😂😂

If Bruno Mars was to run a pub and sell chocolate bars other than alcoholic drinks then he’ll have to call his pub a Mars Bar

A Mexican opens a pharmacy in CA. What’s he selling?


my mom walks in a bar and the bartender said water saying we only sell beer

What’s the difference between Burger King and Ron Jeremy?

BK doesn’t sell real meat.

I had a glass of Schweppes lemonade in one hand and a glass of R Whites in the other…I got into a hot sweat I think I have Corona Virus

What’s the difference between a prostitute and a drug dealer.

The prostitute can wash her “crack” and sell it again.