whats the difference between Chris Brown and Santa.

Santa stops at 3 hoes

Q: What’s the best part about gardening? A: Getting down and dirty with your hoes.

What’d the fox say when he was asked to describe his wife?

“Hottie hottie hottie hoe!”

Q: what is it called when a hoe is getting ready for her party but doesn’t know what to wear but is thinking about it? A: A thotprosses

In what ways do nuns and hoes have something in common?

They both worship on their knees. They are both creatures of habit. They both take vows of poverty and obedience. Once chosen, neither can leave the life. They both swallow their hosts.

How many wives does Santa have? Hoe Hoe Hoe

Three women were in heaven. The angel at the gates said, "How good the ride into heaven is for you, is determined by your commitment to your most recent partner." The first lady says, “2 years, 2 side-hoes.” She got an old lexus. The second lady says, “10 years, 1 visit from a prostitute.” She got a Mercedes-Benz. The third lady says, "I never had a husband." The angel says in response, “Fck me and then you can have a lambo." They all arrive in heaven, to see the second lady crying. The first lady says, “I know we are dead, but it could be a lot worse.” “How!?” The third lady cries, "The angel has a flute for a dck!”

why did the farmer went to the strip club

coz he was looking for his hoe

What present can a pimp always buy his hoes to both show how much he thinks of them and know they can never get enough of?


All these female swear they loyal…but you can’t put loyalty on a hoe

You work at papa’s pizzaria ok?

Boss: your fired! Me: ok? Worker: Why are you fired? Me: oh you wanna know… shows him the oven with my pizza Me: I left my pizza in the oven that bitch burnt as fuck!! Worker: OH SHIT!! Boss: did you say pizza? Me: i sure did! shows boss pizza in oven Me: this hoe black as fuck! Boss: i fired you because i count stop looking at your ass not this why?

What is the difference between a drug dealer and a hoe a hoe can wash her crack and sell it again

When I trying to eat, but I hurt my feet. When I using a hoe, but I hurt my toe. When I going to a doctor, but then I get trolled. Oh I just, want to say, what the flip?!!

When I using a copper, but I enveloped by a hopper. When I trying to draw someone, but it ended up with a punishment. When I spit on a bunny, it jumps right on me. Oh I just, want to say, what the flip?!!

When I growing older, someone called me a slacker. When I was 33, I bumped into a tree. When I getting angry, people calls me crazy lady. Oh I just, want to say, what the flip?!!

What’s the difference between a hoe and a roster? A roster says cockle doodle doo and a hoe says any cock will do

Where do sex addicts go when they need to talk? Hoe-&-Tell.

Why does the pimp always use job fairs as a way of recruiting new hoes?

He always gets a great turnout.


Why does the environmentalist pimp have his hoes fuck bareback?

He wants to keep condoms out of landfills.

she a hoe she shit on her self

My mom gave me a golden shovel and a hoe, I said why do I need this she said that you every year.

kill yourself hoes