A guy walks into a gun store and everything is half off he looks a his son and says I didn’t know back to school sales started yet.

Q: whats a pedophiles favorite place to eat? A: schools because there is a wide variety of choices.

Its girl I like in my school, but she always on her phone. Its seem that I can’t get a SIGNAL from her

Teacher: Great! You’re studying in break time! Student: Thank you. I heard that it is good to study before sleep.

Why did the M&M go to school? It wanted to be a Smartie.

What ankle is getting cut off of school? The lights

Have fun at school 🏫 night is what

Hi oooo was the day I was a kid I was going home to school today after dinner 🍽

I had fun

I love going to school

Why can’t Orphans pick up their phone after school…? Because they need their parents to go pick it up

whats yellow and cant swim?

a school bus full of children

when you’re the only one nice to the quiet kid.

kid: i like you… don’t go to school tomorrow.

Eric’s mom asked to his son why his bag is heavy and if it is because of books. Eric replied “No, magazines”

what’s yellow and can’t swim?? a school bus with elementary kids

I give props to pedophiles

they always go slow in the school zones

Whats the difference between an ISIS militant base and a pakistani childrens school?

I dont know, i just fly the drone.

do you know who didn’t graduate high school this year?

the Parkland kids

a student was peeking in on a 10/10 chick and the guy was about to nut. the school shooter patted his back and told him to leave his corpses alone

My sister’s name was Philma. We were unfortunate enough to have the last name coochie. Let’s just say no more virgins were at that school.