This Chinese girl didn’t know what a sausage roll was so i replied, its like a spring roll with sausage in it but not any dog or cat how you have it.

3 men where in a desert 1 man was holding a jug the 2nd was holding a paper bag and the last was holding a car door a man came around and asked the 1st why he had a jug he said it was his water and if he got thirsty he would take a drink. Then he asked the second why do you have a paper bag the guy said this is my packed lunch so if I get hungry I will eat my lunch. Then he asked the last man why he has a car door and he said it he got hot he would roll down the window.

What did the poop said to the toilet paper? “You’re in the roll!”

Me and my mom order Chinese food. My mom grab the egg roll, and start licking it up and down, and sucking on it in from of the Chinese delivery. I said why are you doing that for. Then my mom I love him a long time so we don’t have to pay for the food.

why did the toilet paper roll down the hill

because of gravity

what do you call a gay drive by ?

a fruit roll up.


Heard Stephen Hawking is in a new movie and that the theme tune is absolutely banging- think the opening line goes something like “they see me rolling, they hating”

Q:What is red white and blue and fun to watch? A: a cop car rolling over after tryong to catch for speeding

A NASA scientist is sitting in a bar when a Martian walks in and orders a martini. The NASA scientist quickly realizes he is dreaming and wakes up. He turns to his wife and tries to explain the dream, but she rolls over and ignores him because she is tired of listening to him. The NASA scientist begins to sob because his marriage is in shambles. lmao

I know why stephen hawking loves transformers so much now.

Autobots, “Roll” Out.

i go 7u7 I sad i go 7u7 get rick and rolled my son

What do you call roller skates you can walk in? Wock n’ roll

What did the toilet paper say to the other toilet paper? Hey check me out I’m on a roll! 😂😂🤭🤭

what do you call a skinny black dick? A tootsie roll

Why didn’t Stephen Hawkin cross the road? Because he rolled other to the other side!!!

What do you call a gay drive by? A fruit roll up

roll your eyes back you might find a brain back there

So, I got a paper towel roll, ripped it, but started to fart when I ripped it off, and stopped farting when I got it off the rool, and then I said; “I guess that’s why it’s called ripping one!”

how did steven hawking die? he rolled away and his charger unplugged