Roll Jokes

in Sister

One day it was me & my sister in the house. My sister said to me let’s order food I said we have no money. My sister said it’s cool were just going to order egg rolls from the Chinese store I know the delivery boy & he won’t charge us. I said cool. The delivery boy came with the egg rolls. I took some & ate mines in my room. I went back in the kitchen I see my sister giving the delivery boy a blow job I ask what are you doing. My sister replied back to me & you had your egg rolls let me enjoy mine. Then the delivery boy said don’t no charge.


Yo momma’s so fat she rolled out the bed. out the room ,down the stairs smashed through the window rolled down the road and got stuck in the grand canyon


What do you call a pretty person who loves Rolls, A Roll model


Why did Stephen Hawking roll across the road?

Because he had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

in Roast

roll your eyes back you might find a brain back there

Why lol
in Ball

Why is a ball rolling when you put it on a hill? Because is circle


Stephen Hawking died because he rolled to far from the outlet.

Slim jim

Faty and skinny sitting in a bed. Fatty rolled over and skinny was dead.

in Fat

Yo mama so fat she got more rolls than the sand dunes

in Mum

Me and my mom order chinese food. So when it came my mom grab the egg roll and started to sucked it down, then I ask my mom what are you doing. Then my mom say I love you for 5 dollar.


What did the poop said to the toilet paper? “You’re in the roll!”

in Offensive

What black and white black and white black and white black and white… I dead nun rolling down a hill

your _____

what do you call a gay drive by ?

a fruit roll up.


in Mum

How do fuck a really fat chick? Roll her in flour and look for the wet spot

lewis macdoougle

This Chinese girl didn’t know what a sausage roll was so i replied, its like a spring roll with sausage in it but not any dog or cat how you have it.