Why did sally fall off the swing? She’s r.....ed

what do you call a bunch of r.....ed kids in a swimming pool? vegetable soup.

So I was sitting at a bar right, That f...ing waitress came again, and guess what? She brought the wrong drinks again. So I send her away to get the correct drinks. And she came back again, with the wrong drinks!! Obviously, she was r.....ed. Anyways that’s the story about how I met your mother.

What is a r.....s favorite race? The grand autismo

What do you call a r.....ed pedophile? A little behind

confucius man asy Full r...... it’s an art a weapon and a lifestyle. once you go full r..... there is no going back.

fortnite is gay and rëtarded

What do you call a pool full of r.....s? Vegetable soup

what do you call 1 normal kid,and 2 r.....ed kids,smoking weed? pot roast.

What’s the hardest part of a veggie to eat? The wheelchair

What do you call a r.....ed fruit Mentally In-pear-ed

Why is Ronan’s forehead the size of Jupiter? Because he dropped the TV on his forehead it also had rings

Why is Jupiter’s ring stuck in orbit? Because Ronan’s forehead kept it stuck in orbit

Snails are like sperm, slow and sloppy

How did 2 r.....ed people get ran over in 1 Second: Their my friends.

The r.....s take the ancestry tests at 24andMe.com

Q: How do you get the r..... kid out of the tree? A: Wave at him

when her head game is so strong she sucks the chromosome right out of you


How did the r..... win the break dancing competition? He saw flashing lights

What’s the hardest part of a vegetable to eat

The wheelchair