Why did the chicken cross the road.

to get to the retards house.

knock knock whos there

the chicken…

What do you call a bunch of bi-racial retarded kids?Mixed vegetables.

what do u call a load of retards in a swimming pool vegetable soup

Why is flour retarded?

Because it’s in-bread.

What do you call a retarded fruit Mentally In-pear-ed

fortnite is gay and rëtarded

Don’t use head and shoulders just use head otherwise you’ll end up in the retarded situation Stephen Hawking went through

Q: How do you get the retard kid out of the tree? A: Wave at him

Do you know your E?

your E tarded

What’s the definition of total chaos? A bus load of retards passing a magnet factory.

How did the retard win the break dancing competition? He saw flashing lights

The cow was stuck because 3 retarded piggies were blocking him.

What did the cow say to the pigs, MOOOOVEE!

What do you call a pool full of retards? Vegetable soup

confucius man asy Full retard. it’s an art a weapon and a lifestyle. once you go full retard there is no going back.

It’s funny dating someone smarter than you, my girlfriend knows how to push my buttons but never takes into account what a dick I can be if need be, let me explain, say for example she calls me retarded, I remind her that she’s dating me.

So I was sitting at a bar right, That fucking waitress came again, and guess what? She brought the wrong drinks again. So I send her away to get the correct drinks. And she came back again, with the wrong drinks!! Obviously, she was retarded. Anyways that’s the story about how I met your mother.

What do retarded cops give tickets for

going over 45 in a potato zone

what do you call a bunch of retarded kids in a swimming pool? vegetable soup.

F1, F2, F3 do you know what’s after F3?

  • F4, F U then last F U Q