what do you call a retard smoking weed? a baked potato

What did the mentally retarded kid get on his test? Drool

What do you call a walkie-talkie for retards? – A stumblie-mumblie.

What do you call a retard in a house fire?

Flame Retardant

What do you call it when hitler puts retards in the oven? Baked potatoes

How do you execute a retard

The Electric Wheelchair

what do you call a bunch of retarded kids in a hot tub? steamed vegetables.

What do you call a bunch of bi-racial retarded kids?Mixed vegetables.

What’s better than winning gold at the Paralympics?

Not being retarded

What did the Chinese family name their retarded kid? Something Wong

Why did the chicken cross the road.

to get to the retards house.

knock knock whos there

the chicken…

Whats a retard favorite rockband? Syndrome of a down.

What do you call a retarded and a stroke victim in the same bed?

Mashed potatoes

What do you call a retarded ironman? Robert Downie Junior

confucius man asy Full retard. it’s an art a weapon and a lifestyle. once you go full retard there is no going back.

What do you call a Downie who loves playing golf? A tee tard.

what do u call a load of retards in a swimming pool vegetable soup

A retard won a break-dancing competition. All he did was go to get a drink

Don’t use head and shoulders just use head otherwise you’ll end up in the retarded situation Stephen Hawking went through