Priest Jokes

What did the priest say to the skunk?

Let us spray

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Guys we gotta stop telling these jokes they are getting out of h- oh wait no …. Continue

Yo daddy so stupid he threw a father’s day party at the orphanage

What did the catholic priest say to the other catholic priest as they entered the orphanage? 
Let’s us prey.

if priests were on twitter they would tweet “he’s a 10 but he’s 10”.


What is the difference between a priest and a zit?

The zit waits until your twelve to come on your face


What does a priest and a clown have in common?

They both make children cry

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What is a reverse exorcism?

It’s when the demon tells the priest to get out of the childs body.

Deakin sucks ass

they put the woman’s rights in the fantasy section in the library


thank the lord for my two huge balls


What is the difference between the subway guy and a priest?

The subway guy DIDN’T get away with it…

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Why are priests called father? because its too suspicious to call them daddy😂

Anonymous Joker

After arriving home from helping the priest, a young altar boy approaches his parents. " Mommy, Daddy, my poop is white." The mother rushes the boy to the hospital while the father rushes to church in a rage and proceeds to beat the living hell out of the priest. Afterwards, the father heads to the hospital and meets his wife in the waiting room; she’s surprisingly calm. “How can you be so relaxed after what that bastard has been doing to our son?” He exclaims. The wife looks up at him. “What are you talking about? It’s just a liver infection.”


What do Mc Donald’s and Priests have in common

They both shove there meat in to 10 year old buns

im sorry orphans
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What do you call an orphan who grows up to become a priest?

Father les.


So I heard it was important to clean your sex toys, which is why priests invented baptism I guess.


nuns are lowkey hot


my uncle was a preist he had a two-inch penis but when it was in my ass it felt like a torpedo


My Father touched me yesterday i called him a priest

Yo Father. Don’t use the baptism bath. I cleaned my anul plug in there.


The holy water gets all the ass of. Don’t mind the white stuff. clears throat

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in the movie cars 2,there is a priest which means car Jesus died for the sins of the cars