One night when I was six, I had this super annoying accent, and when I said the number “six,” Oh no… One night my catholic priest asked me how many cookies I needed for my family. I told him six, but thanks to my accent being mixed with many others including Scottish, French, and Russian, it sounded like I said “I need to have sex.” He looked at me strange then pulled me into a closest. Being a Pedo. When Momma asked me why I was missing for 6 hours I told her, “I went to get the cookies like you told me to, and father raped the Christianity out of me.” The angry look she gave my father was amazing. Then with my Papa she beat the hell outta him.

Serves him right.

Why does the catholic church have a glory hole inside the confessional booth? so a priest give a anonymous blowjob to another bisexual man or a gay man or a heterosexual man that has a big dick after the priest hears their confession

What’s the difference between acne and a priest… Acne waits until a boy is 13 before it comes onto his face.

What to gift a child molester , who already has everything ? A bigger county with more believers

Why did the catholic priest suck dick at a glory hole? because someone asked him what would he do for a klondike bar

How to you trick a catholic priest into using the glory hole at a adult bookstore? tell him it is a confessional booth

Father then the priest says son Holy Spirit amen.No I was asking you a question father

What is the difference between a Priest and a Doctor

The Doctor doesn’t like to give physicals.

what kind of sex do priest love…nun

A priest is drowning in a river… A boat comes along and asks to help him. He says “leave me alone, god will save me.” The next day another boat came along and asked to help him. Again he said "leave me alone, god will save me. " The next day the last boat came and asked to help him. Once again he told the boat that god will save him. The next day he died. He went to heaven and asked god "why didn’t you save me. " God said "I sent you three f*****ing boats and you didn’t take them! "

I went up to a priest and asked if he participated in NNN. He replied “How can I, with all these people calling me daddy?”

Whats the difference between acne and a priest?

Acne waits until your a teen to cum on your face.

What’s the difference between a pimple and a Priest? You see, a pimple wouldn’t normally come on a kid’s until he’s 13 years old.

What’s a priests fav fruit?


What does mcdonalds and Catholic priest have in common

They both put their meat in 10 year old buns

What is different about priests and acne.

Acne waits until your 13 to cum on your face

What’s the difference between a Catholic Priest and Acne? Acne comes on your face after you turn 13.

A priest, a pedophile, and a rapist walks into a bar. He sits down and orders a drink

3 nuns are talking and the first nun says, “u would never believe what i discovered.” intrigued, the other to signal her to continue. " i found a phone in the priests room." said the first nun. “oh thats nothing said the second one, i found condoms in one of his drawers.” said the second one. " what did u do with them." said the first nun. pridefully the second nun responds with," i poked holes in all of them." and the third nun says, “oh sh*t…”

What’s the difference between a catholic priest and a pedophile? There isn’t a difference.