Q:What’s black and white and red all over A: a nun falling down the stairs

How do you get a nun pregnant?

Dress her up as an altar boy

What do you call a nun in a wheelchair-

Virgin mobile

two nuns were sitting on a bench, a flasher flashed them and one of the nuns had a stroke … but the other one was to far away : )

In what ways do nuns and hoes have something in common?

They both worship on their knees. They are both creatures of habit. They both take vows of poverty and obedience. Once chosen, neither can leave the life. They both swallow their hosts.

A monk asks the priest if it’s okay to kiss a nun. The priest replies “just as don’t get in the habit”

what kind of sex do priest love…nun

Why is a nun called a nun? Cause they aint supposed to get nun ;)

Whats the difference between a Nun and a prostitue taking a bath? The Nun has a soul full of hope…

Why do nuns go round in pairs? So one nun makes sure the other nun don’t get none!

Three nuns up to Mother Teresa and say Mother Teresa we would not like to be eaten anymore Mother Teresa says okay but first you have to do something Unholy so they a leave and come back 3 days later the first one the first one says Mother Teresa I did something Unholy I took a little kids bike Mother Teresa says okay who drink from the holy water and you are free to go II unlocks upset I did it something worse than her I slept with a married man the last nun walks up and says I did something worse than all of them Mother Teresa says oh god oh gosh are there in the third nut and says I peed in the holy water

What’s a nuns weapon of choice? Nun-chucks

whats black white and red a nun that fell down an elevator shaft

What is white ,black ,and red and can’t fit through a revolving door. a nun with a spear through her head

A sad guy called “nun” is crying next to the grave of his best friend called “month” , “month” got killed by a gay guy and after that “nun” got homophobic.

While “nun” 's sitting next to “month” 's grave he heard a guy asks his friend : 《Do You Wanna Play A Game On ? 》 , “Nun” get angry and he asks that guy : 《 What did you just said to your friend ? 》 , the guy answers : 《 A game on , why ? 》

“Nun” kills the two guys .


What is the difference between whores and nuns?

Nuns usually discover their own chosen vocation. Whores usually have their vocation chosen by pimps.

A nun went to the pub and ordered a gin the bartender said to her I thought nuns weren’t allowed to drink and she said not usually but I am doing the bishop a favour the bartender then asked if she was coming to the music evening and she said no I am with the bishop tonight.

What did one dog say to another dog? I love you

At night in the Nunnery, one Nun says to the other Nun “Wheres the candle?” the other Nun says “Doesn’t it!”.

What do you call a nasty ass boy



I have a nun joke! It is nun uh ya business!!! Ha!!! Ha!!! Ha!!! Ha!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Two nuns in a bath