How do you circumcise a hill billy… Kick his sister in the jaw

Why are mountains so funny? – Because they are hill areas.

Why did the toilet roll roll down the hill? To get to the bottom!

How did Harry Potter get down the hill? Running, JK rolling!

So Jesus has been nailed to the cross. On the first day, he starts to moan, “Peter, Peter”.

Well, Peter hears Jesus moaning and feels it is important, so begins to go up the hill. On his way, he is met by some Roman soldiers and they proceed to beat his ass back down the hill.

On the second day, Peter hears Jesus moaning again, “Peter, Peter”.

Peter thinks to himself, this is important. He heads up the hill, fights past the first line, but gets a beatdown by the second group and back down the hill he goes.

On the third day, Peter is woken up by Jesus sounding very weak, but calling out, “Peter, Peter”.

Peter feels that whatever it is that Jesus needs him for, must be very important. Peter heads up the hill, he is on a mission. He manages to fight his way thru three sets of Roman guards and make his way to the cross Jesus has been nailed to for three days. He looks up to Jesus, and says “Jesus, I have heard your calls, what is so important”?

Jesus- “Peter, I can see your house from here”.

One day whilst walking up a hill, Jack saw a prostitute named Jill. Jill was dressed in kinky, leather gear that made Jack really really horny. Jack who hadn’t stuck it in for a few weeks was keen to ask this sexy young maiden how much she would charge. “1 buck for a suck, 2 buck for a f...” she said as she stroked his ever hardening one-eyed snake. “Yeah, i’ll have both of them” said Jack who was about to cum in his trousers. So Jill led Jack to behind the well, and they sucked and f...ed for an hour. After that they both contracted AIDS, and died of it as they did not see a doctor. THE END

What do you call a bunch of Mexicans running down a hill? Taco Bell going out of business

Why did the carrot roll down the hill? Because he couldn’t stop his wheelchair

jack and jill went up the hill so jack could lick her candy but, jack had a shock and a mouth full of cock and jills real name was randy

A drum rolled down a hill. Ba-dum tsssh!

what do you call Mexican’s running down a hill


your face with my cum

What do you call a bunch of Aboriginals rolling down a hill? Abo-lanche

why are hill billy so weird because there name is billy

Did you hear the one about the hills? It was hillarious

How did Harry Potter get down the hill? Walking…JK Rowling

why did the toilet paper roll down the hill

because of gravity

Why do vegetarians give good head? Beause they’re used to eating nuts.

Bill was on a hill. What a hill billy.

2 gay kids made their version of the jack,and jill nursery rhyme. jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pair of latte’s.

why are mountains so funny because there hills ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha very funny

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