How did Voldemort lose his nose? From uncontrolled Gold Mining!

5 Little Monkeys jumping on the bed one fell off and bumped his head momma called the doctor and the doctor said… “Wait, why are there mines all over the floor?”

If you thought other people’s puns are bad well you should sea mine.

What state do miners hate? Ore Gon

What’s your favourite type of flour Don’t know Mines self raising


“Mine is 3 inches.”

“That’s not very lo…”

“From the ground.”

whats ur favorite footnite location? mine is tilted toers 😂

a friend of mine chews gum lays back to yawn then chokes on the gom then i said god what u choking on dick?

A big hefty porker left his balls exposed and said "Misses!! Come here and step upon mine balls please!!! I pay top dollar for this extreme delight! She pippity popped his balls like there was no tomorrow And he said “yuh yuh ay ay crush these nuts nuts”

My friend told me she had a good joke and it beat all mine. I said “haha that is funny”

When you send a dick pic and she sends one back I’m glad mine is the biggest, so I get to fuck my dad again

Friend: My girls are like boomerangs they always come back Me: Mine DONT:(

I hear coal mining is a rock-bottom job.

What’s your favorite type of wood? Mine is Bollywood

When your friend gets involved with someone it affects the friendship when ever a friend of mine has a new girlfriend ,we should say I looked like the person you used to know but I’ve been modified to survive in this relationship if we have an argument and she’s there I might disagree with you I’d rather countinue to see her naked.

You thought his puns were bad wait to you sea mine!

3 boy chiwawa were hot about this girl chiwawa. She tells them I will date whichever one of you can use liver and cheese in the same sentence. First dog say… I love cheese but liver is bland. She replay… Really original. Next dog… I love liver but chesse makes me constipated… She replay… Ewe gross. Third dog steps up… Man Liver alone cheese mine. Winner dog 3.

if you thought other puns were bad wait till you sea mine