The best part of you ran down your mothers leg…Einstine got ready to climax while doing math but relized you cant cumtiyain cumtilion its after sucktillion fucktillion

What do you call a cow with no legs?
Ground beef


What do you call a man that has no arms, no legs and sits in front of your door? Mat.

Two lions plan their escape from the circus. the night they get out of their cages they see a lone clown stumbling back from town, drunk, not a soul in sight. Since they are going on the run, they decide to catch one last meal before they hit the road. as one lion gets a bite of leg the second takes a piece of shoulder. Then one stops and asks his companion: Does this taste funny to you?

why do we tell actors to break a leg? Because every play has a cast.

Two girls are at a play and are about to go on the stage.

Ally before the other girl gos on stage: break a leg!

Rachel: alright!

On stage, Rachel trips over a stand and breaks her leg

Rachel calling backstage: I broke my leg!

What’s got 4 legs and is stronger than Superman

Christopher Reeve’s horse

I put my leg up in the air sometimes, singing ayo, I’m a flamingo…

what do you call a cow with no legs

a cow with no legs

what do you call a cow with no leg

Kid: hey dad whats dark humor ? Dad: go walk up to that homeless guy and throw a rock at him . Kid: but dad I dont have any legs or arms . Dad: exactly son.

Children are so ungrateful nowadays I got my daughter a bike but now she’s crying on the floor saying “I don’t have legs”

What has 4 wheels 2 legs and loves his shoulder

Stephen hawking

What has two legs and bleeds? Half a cat

A girl noticed hair growing between her legs and asked her mom about it. Her mom said it was her monkey and it grows she told her sister and her sister said that aint nothing mines already eating bananas

What should you name a dog without any legs? It doesn’t really matter. No matter what you yell he’s not coming.

What do you come a dog with no legs? It don’t matter what you it, cause it ain’t gonna come to you.

What has four legs, and an arm?

A Doberman in a playground

What time is it when you get home