What does a robot do at the end of a one night stand? – He nuts and bolts.

Poor Stephen Hawking couldnt pass the ¨im not a robot¨ test

You know when you sign up for something and it says im not a robot guess he never had the chance to tick that

What’s Stephan hawking favourite dance move ?

The robot

What was Stephen Hawking’s favourite TV show?

Robot Wars.

Your forehead so big it built like megamind’s robot period

Why couldn’t Stephen hawking pass because he couldn’t pass I’m not a robot test

I was submitting this joke and i realised. Stephen hawking couldnt.

It had the recaptcha im not a robot

im doing something Stephen hawkings cant do…pressing ‘im not a robot’

We all know Steven can’t post on here because he can’t pass the robot test

I saw a cyclist in the road today, so I ran over him and he said in a robotic voice, SHUTTING DOWN

What does a robot do after a one night stand? He nuts n bolts

You know what really grinds my gears? Robots and liars…for example that Stephen Hawking fella…he sure looks and sounds like a robot!! And a major liar too! If he wanted to show me how smart he really was he would have figured out how to get up out of that four wheeler and tell me how smart he is!!!

if stephen hawking was in a horror movie … would he make his robot try and shout “aaaaaaaaah help me , i can’t move i’m too scared” ???

if you are a robot you can not talk

why did the robot cross the road?

because he was programmed by the chicken!

types “I’m not a robot” on computer, son we are geniuses.

Stephen could not click the im not a robot so well I guess he is fucked