Grass Jokes

Someone stole my grass today, I went to the police and they said: "What's wrong?" I said "How could you tell something was wrong?" they replied "you were looking forlorn"

I love when I could run throw the grass and feel the wind on my face. Then my mom told me to get off VR and then I wheeled myself to her

Me: hey friend!

Friend: yes?

Me: What is the missing sense? Seeing, Smelling, _, Tasting, Hearing.

Friend: Touch

Me: what do u spawn on Minecraft always (jk only 99.99pursent)

Friend: Grass

Me: And you get?

Friend: Touch grass

My Dad was mowing the grass today, I looked out the window and saw him slumped over the lawnmower. Apparently, he was just going through a rough patch.