What is the German word for constipation? Farfrompoopin.

Germany is

Guy is at athletic meet. asks guy if he is a pole vaulter. He replies, No I am German and how did you know my name was Walter.

What is the one sauce Germans avoid on their steak?


I did a good job and walk walk home and walk walk to the car and drive yyyy is the difference between a good

How do you know when germane people break into your house? When you can not find your bed

How many Germans does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer: 1 to actually change the light bulb and the other 98 to suck each others cocks and shit like that.

A professor was talking about the american dream. then, he asked the german exchange student if there was a german dream, to which the student replies “we did, but no one liked it.”

you walk inside a building then you see a blind german then you call him his name

Answer: Nazi

Nobody Literally nobody Gordan Ramsey: do you need me to bring Hitler back to life so he can show you how to use a fucking oven

I was going from Germany to Austria and I accidentally crossed the border Illegally when the poliece caught me they told me I was a Nazi. I asked them y? they said I didn’t see the border

What do you call a blind german? A Nazi (Not-see)!

The nearest approximation to a perpetuum mobile would be a Swabian chasing a Scot because of money.

(Swabians are the Scots of Germany regarding to finances)

did u hear about the new german microwave? it has ten seats in it

I dated a German girl, it was very annoying when she kept on screaming her age and moaning.



Question: how bad is german wifi?Answer: it´s the wurst.

what do u call hitler

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