I told my cousin since we’re not blood related our parents would let us date.

Her pants were on fire.

How do you make a cat sound like a dog?

You set it on fire- then it goes WOOF!

It looks like your face was lit on fire and someone tried to extinguish it with a hammer;)

I got fired from a pickle factory for getting my finger caught in a slicer…they only gave her the day off with pay…unfair!

So I told my sister want hear some jokes and she was like hit me with best shot fire away and I was like okay I know ur singing and old song yeah I was trying to see if u sing too and I said who do u think I am Chris brown Hi

Chimmy: (smoking because of fire place) Chimmy2: your to young to smoke

3 cowboys are at a fire talking about the best things they have done.

Cowboy 1 says ´´ I have taken out a whole group of raiders with my bare hands´´

Cowboy 2 says ´´ I have killed a herd of bulls with my thumb´´

Cowboy 3 chuckles as he mixes the fire with his dick.

My penis is on fire

I got sent to the principals office for lighting the kid in the wheelchair on fire and calling him hot wheels

What did one Koala say to the other?

Help me I’m burning. Aaaugh!!! Oh fuck oh fuck I’m on fire!! AAAAuuggh!

Why are fire trucks 🚒 big? To hang out with the fire fighters 🧯

what do you call stephen hawking’s toes on fire. Hot wheels