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My aunt’s star sign was cancer, pretty ironic how she died. – She was eaten by a giant crab.

Q: Why should you never invite an aardvark to your family reunion? A: Because it will eat your “Aunts”

Albert is an homophobic guy, His cousin Franco also an homophobic guy.

Albert’s aunt and cousin have visited his parents, but Albert wasn’t knowing that because he came late at night, Franco was sleeping in Albert’s bed thinking he would not come at home, Albert laid on his bed thinking there’s no one on it, and then they started ^_*

No phobia lasts forever 👌😂

aunt: on internet buying weight loss pills for 15 dollars neice: i found that show on Netflix that you wanted to watch its 3 dollars to watch aunt: im not paying for that shit neice: yet u sit there and buy weight loss pills

Knock Knock Who’s there?


Jo who?

Jo Auntie

Hi how are you today

How did Peter Parker get caught as Spider Man? Well, he weaved a really tangled web and Aunt May saw it.