How do chinese people play in spy?

They cant

josh dalton once ate his shoulder

Did you know that Helen Keller has a swing in her backyard? Neither did she

How do you die from alzheimers? You forget how to breath.

disabled people can help wold to get printed copy of " LEANING TOWER OF PISA "

exactly leaned at an angle

If you want a joke look at your self in the mirror !

Downed and brownies

What do you call a Censor with Autism? A Censorspaz.

Why did the girl never go upstairs ? Because she had no legs .

I asked this disabled kid what his favorite TV show is. He looked at me blankly and said “My favorite TV show is Vegetales”

Heard the Helen Keller single?

It’s called ERRRRRAGHHH!!!

Why do u make fun of disabled people they

cant stand up for themselves.

Why did Susie fall off the swing? Because she had no arms. Knock knock (who’s there?) Not Susie

Why Can’t Orphans play baseball - They can’t find home

My disabled dad went to the grocery store

He got lost and yet they couldn’t find him

Finally he was found after a kid told them he was in the vegetable aisle

I have a brother and he told me this quote no wonder they had a second child they messed up on the first one“ he’s the second child… I’m the first…


I played piano at a Worthmore disabled elderly center. Then after I was done I said “How bout you give me a standing ovation.” I regret it to this day. Now I am forced to live here at Worthmore, and sit on my wheelchair. Sad and lonely

Knock knock Who’s there ? Anita Anita who ? Anita poo let me in