When you realize you have depression and depression realize how stupid you were

Why can’t depressed people leave the maze?

Because their lives are the walls and they are to scared to meet the exit.

did you fall from heaven? or did you fall from the cliff up there?

My neck, my back, my crippling anxiety attacks

If you ever feel depressed, drink some coffee.

Expresso Expresso, no more depresso!

You must be depression, because you make me want to kill myself ;)

They say people are 75% water But I’m 100% useless

My life

Tell me when you get it

I don’t call it suicide. I call it population control

1273 depression got the best of me, i’m gonna cry in my room now

what do you call a depressed emo ,dead

“Go big or go home”, that’s what some people say.

“Go loud and proud”, that’s what other people say.

“Go out with a big, loud bang!”, that’s what I say.

I can measure the speed of an object. Because I want to km/s

Why doesn’t my egg wants to crack? Because I hate my egg-sistence.

Life is like a box of chocolates, mostly dissapointing

me: have you ever went sky diving friend:No me:Well don’t it sucks friend:Why me:They gave me a parachute and I lived

I’m made with depression and extra anxiety, then a side of gay and a sprinkle of emo.

What’s a similarity Cliff Hanger and Nooses?

They both leave you Hanging

Q: What did the drunk emo say to the bartender? A: Nothing! He was hung over.

knock knock

who’s there?

Depression medicine and therapy