i have no friends but then i realize my true friends are anxiety and depression

They say people are 75% water But I’m 100% useless

You must be depression, because you make me want to kill myself ;)

whats the difference between a maze and a depressed life? one of them you can find a way out of

My neck, my back, my crippling anxiety attacks

What does PEMDAS stand for?

Please End My Depression And Suffering

Friend #1: “Yo guys, what’s the most unfair game you’ve ever played? For me it’s Fortnite.”

Friend #2: “I’d have to say Monopoly.”

Me: “The most unfair game you say? Life, definitely. Like, no one wins, it’s a one-way game.”

Friend #2: “Uhh…that’s not exactly what he meant…”

Friend #1: calls the suicide hotline

I don’t call it suicide. I call it population control

Why can’t depressed people leave the maze?

Because their lives are the walls and they are to scared to meet the exit.

“Go big or go home”, that’s what some people say.

“Go loud and proud”, that’s what other people say.

“Go out with a big, loud bang!”, that’s what I say.

I’m like a broken refrigerator, cool but broken inside

Snow everywhere, it’s Christmas time. A person looks at the tree. The person: Only last thing left to hang! He grabs a noose.

I can measure the speed of an object. Because I want to km/s

what do you call a depressed emo ,dead

When you realize you have depression and depression realize how stupid you were

So my parents were telling me about this dark joke they made 17 years ago, but they didn’t actually tell me the joke.

Person: where do i commit sucide Dog: roof Person: good idea

Me and a person downtown.

Person: Hey, crazy Saturday night.

Me: I guess so.

Person: Why do people do crazy stuff like this?

Me: I don’t know. I used too, but don’t anymore.

Person: why’d you stop?

Me: unfortunately, I lived every time I’d try something.

If you ever feel depressed, drink some coffee.

Expresso Expresso, no more depresso!

Life is like a box of chocolates, mostly dissapointing