If you ever feel depressed, drink some coffee.

Expresso Expresso, no more depresso!

Person: where do i commit sucide Dog: roof Person: good idea

1273 depression got the best of me, i’m gonna cry in my room now

My life

Tell me when you get it

Yes I’m CUTE

C-ringe U-gly T-errible E-mpty

I’m made with depression and extra anxiety, then a side of gay and a sprinkle of emo.

What’s both red, white and sometimes purple My arms…

You know people always say your life is worth it, but with me it’s worth-it-less

Why doesn’t my egg wants to crack? Because I hate my egg-sistence.

knock knock

who’s there?

Depression medicine and therapy


did you fall from heaven? or did you fall from the cliff up there?

Being sad is my only happiness

It’s ironic that the more other people love you the more you hate yourself.

What’s a similarity Cliff Hanger and Nooses?

They both leave you Hanging

Q: What did the drunk emo say to the bartender? A: Nothing! He was hung over.

If I was a party, then anxiety must be the cousin depression felt obligated to bring to the party and insomnia the little annoying sibling.

Why do orphans go to church? So they have someone to call father

When your sad don’t feel down about yourself break someone’s leg and laugh.

Teacher : Who here has thought about committing suicide? Half of the class : raises hand Teacher : … The half of the class: Starts talking about how they were thinking of doing it

Business Interview With Depression Inside my brain…

Me: So… You’re new? Depression: (I don’t know who he is yet) mHMMMmmm! Me: Well what are your skills? Depression: Oh, taking control and leading… You know… Me: What are you trying out for? Depression: Oh, Vice Leader of Negative Thoughts. Me: Well we do need someone over there- for somewhat reason nobody wanted that job… Me: How did you know about us? Depression: Oh- I knew because of Anxiety, you know, we’re friends! Me: Interesting… (Still has no idea about Anxiety and it’s problemos) Me: Well I think you’re signed up! I’ll give you the job! Depression: tHaNKS :)