life’s too short to want it.

What does my head and hell have in common? They both have demons in them

If depression is going to be my girlfriend. Will she leave me?

friend: hey,wanna play hid and seek? me:sure, i’ve got a great spot! me: grabs nuce and runs to my closet

Depression is like therapy the more you see it the more you get used to it

Society: :-)

I: :’)

Society: you’re doing it WRONG. It’s :-) not :’)

I: :'D

Hey can’t wait to meet you! So join the crippiling depression family!!

Why was I stress eating on the train track?

To wait to get hit.

Sometimes i get jealous when my phone dies

what’s black and red and is a liquid? my scars!

I was watching my boyfriends dog while he took a shower. I started playing fetch with the him when the ball went over the balcony. He went to get it and fell 10 stories. When i looked down, he appeared to be dead. My boyfriend loved his dog and I didn’t know what to do ,so feeling awful, I sat on the couch and waiting for him to come back. About three minutes later he got out of the shower. He ordered some food and went to the table to eat when I said ,”you know , your dogs been a little depressed lately…”

what does an apple and a lawyer have in common?

they both look good hanging from a tree

Person A: cmon person B, just be happy, smile Person B: over my dead body Person B: gets the noose

Website: Submit a joke :-) Me: My life.

You wanna know why I love trains?

They end my suffering.

Where did jonny go during the bombing Everywhere

All my jokes are cys for help


Knock knock

Who’s there?

My life

My life who?

My life is depressing…

My life

An obese depressed mother is trying to tie a noose but can’t reach it so she calls her son for help a few minutes later son: there mother: where did you learn to tie such a good noose? son: dad showed me before he died mother: DAM HIM TO HE- slips and noose chokes her to death