I love Brussel sprouts more than I love myself

My friends: ugh why are you so lazy and no fun My parents: why can’t u be like ur siblings My teacher: I don’t care if ur depressed focus on ur study! The songs: we understand you :)

I wish i could be as visible as my depression is.

If I was a party, then anxiety must be the cousin depression felt obligated to bring to the party and insomnia the little annoying sibling.

Why doesn’t my egg wants to crack? Because I hate my egg-sistence.

Why do orphans go to church? So they have someone to call father

Depression is like having anxiety but with more voices.

What do you call a man off the ground? Hanged.

Teacher : Who here has thought about committing suicide? Half of the class : raises hand Teacher : … The half of the class: Starts talking about how they were thinking of doing it

I wish my hair was depressed Cause then it would cut itself

Q: What did the drunk emo say to the bartender? A: Nothing! He was hung over.

Teacher: People with Depression never get anywhere in life. Student 1: My mom has depression, but she died. Student 2: My sister has depression and she’s going to Therapy. Student 3: My Dad Has depression, and he’s Doing REALLY Well

To whoever stole my antidepressants I hope you are happy now

Me and a person downtown.

Person: Hey, crazy Saturday night.

Me: I guess so.

Person: Why do people do crazy stuff like this?

Me: I don’t know. I used too, but don’t anymore.

Person: why’d you stop?

Me: unfortunately, I lived every time I’d try something.

Why are we depressed, is it because that bully in your school, or that you have acne, how about when you listen to you sad song playlist, maybe cause you have no friends, Or is it the fact your anime girlfriend is fake. T^T

What do you call a high school student? Alone and depressed.

  • What’s the hardest line to draw in a hospital? * …

If I went to walmart, I would be able to scan my own wrists because they’re barcodes too.

Are you suicide, cause you’re always on my mind

Suicide is never the answer Suicide is the question The answer is yes