Where does steven hawkings gets his computer fixed at PC world

What’s one thing smarter than Steven hawking-his computer

Guess Mcfee doesn’t clear all computer viruses

What is the butt’s favorite computer? The Tushiba

Did he hear he died of a virus? A computer virus

you do not spell computer like this you spell it like this cumputer

What’s the difference between a blonde and ur computer? U don’t wamt ur computer to go down on u.

Why do people say cheese when they are taking a photo?

Because they were using the computer and thought about it.

Who needs storage on a computer, just use an Asians brain.

Why do people say cheese in a camera? because they were using the computer

Welcome to our Computer Show.

I’m Mars Argo.

Welcome to youtube.com

types “I’m not a robot” on computer, son we are geniuses.

Goats are so lazy these days. Computers have more RAM.

How does Stephen hawking charge his computer how does Stephen hawking have sex keyboard sex

whats the difference between Paul Walker and my computer

when my computer crashes i actually give a fuck

3 men go to hell, Satan says if you can question me and I can’t answer you go to heaven. The first man asks if Satan knew how to make computers he goes to hell, the next man asks if he knew how to make furniture he goes too, the third man poke a ton of holes in a bottle cap and farts in the bottle asks Satan where the fart came from. Satan said every possible answer and the man pointed to his butthole and said " nope this one "😂

So I was on Google and on my computer it had windows when Steven hawkings died it shut down sound plays and wouldn’t turmoil on again

When Stephen hawking died i assume his computer crash caused it

So the sea is on a computer but doesn’t know to search so the computer said to the sea said"search." Do you get it,SEArch.