Christian Jokes

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What do u call a person with hole in there shoe a. Christian


hey gwen… I had a freind named gwen in preschool. The preschool was cascade christian and in washington (wich is close to oragan, I read in a chat that you live there.) This is a long shot but I think you might be the same gwen. if not, ok.

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According to Christianity, Jesus is the son of a GODFATHER


Grove Christian School is a great school in Richmond Virginia. I recommend that you go there

Jack didn't Write this

The virgin Mary wasn’t a virgin she was a prostitute, God raped her

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What do you get when you cross a bisexual male that is a catholic priest and a christian police officer that is a bisexual male and a born again homophobic heteroflexable male that is a christian nationalist who is in the closet a gay man that needs to be force out of the closet by any means necessary

Anus McDickNuggets

I have a confession. I used to be a Christian don’t bother me none babe Awesome! I much prefer being a Christine! “hol up”

igloo and you
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A Christian, a Jew, and a Catholic walk into a bar. The Christian says “Where’s Mohammed?


Maude of ghostposter is a dumb christian pussy ass bitch. She’s so fucking squeamish it’s hilarious although I hate her.



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How can you tell if a white homophobic heterosexual man with bisexual tendencies is a christian nationalist he gives anonymous blowjobs to men regardless of their sexual orientation


Whats the difference between an American police man and a Christian?

Atleast a Christian kneels on church


How can you tell the difference between a Christian priest from a zit, one waits until your twelve to come on your face.


what do you call the christian version of donald trump? holy shit.


Good said let there be light and it was lit !

Sarai Castle

One night when I was six, I had this super annoying accent, and when I said the number “six,” Oh no… One night my catholic priest asked me how many cookies I needed for my family. I told him six, but thanks to my accent being mixed with many others including Scottish, French, and Russian, it sounded like I said “I need to have sex.” He looked at me strange then pulled me into a closest. Being a Pedo. When Momma asked me why I was missing for 6 hours I told her, “I went to get the cookies like you told me to, and father raped the Christianity out of me.” The angry look she gave my father was amazing. Then with my Papa she beat the hell outta him.

Serves him right.