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The only reason Stephen Hawking died is because he forgot to update to the latest version of Microsoft

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Here's a better version of a previous joke:

I would tell you a milk joke, but its whey too cheesy!

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Michael Jackson was working on a cover of a popular Elton John song when he died... His version was to be called "Don't Let Your Son Go Down on Me"...

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What does LGBTQ+ means is it the premium version of GAY

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What is the orphans version to a family portrait

A selfie


I know this isnt the real chicken wing song but my version...

chicken wing chicken wing i want your mommy slap her with my hary salami while she still yawning.

making your own chicken wing song and put it in the comments... :)

I am Major
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My version of the Roses are Red Poem in MW3:

I thought Soap could trust you And so did I too So WHY IN BLOODY HELL DOES MAKAROV KNOW YOU?!

Anus McDickNuggets
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I have a better version of this joke.

How to make a plumber cry. Simple, kill his family. That’ll definitely turn on the waterworks.

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(My dad told me a new version of a happy birthday song)

Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you look likes a monkey, and you smell like one too!

(No affence to anyone reading this on there birthday)


why did stephen hawking die?--- he tried to download a free version of windows

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Official Dj Penaldo playlist. 1. I'm a fraud 2. I need you (ft. Tap-ins) 3. I Want to Leave Mid United 4. Back where I belong (ft. Europa league) 5. TY Eder 6. Nobody wants me ( Rejectnaldo Remix) 7. Fuck that kid ( ft. Lil Broke phone) 8. Sewy (Benched +arms crossed version)


2 gay kids made their version of the jack,and jill nursery rhyme. jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pair of latte's.


Why did Steven hawking die? He tried to get the free cracked version of windows ten

Sarai Castle

My Countryhumans OC, Sahara, is the daughter of France and Soviet. When people ask why, I tell them it was the gendersnapped version of my parents making me. France (my dad) was drunk and Soviet (my mom) was being horny. Then they judge me, so I judge them with a knife to the chest 47 times.


Stephen hawking tried to install a free version of windows 10.

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When men watch footbqll but nkt the women version maybe there

J0K35 (week 1)

What do you call a pornography version of Tik Tok?

Dik Cok (dick cock)


He tried to install a free version of windows 10


what do you call the christian version of donald trump? holy shit.