Cause Jokes

Hey girl are your pants a mirror. ‘Cause I can see myself in them.



why did the man get fired from work cause he took 2 days off in febuary

Camden @camobra on tiktok
in Orphan

Why can’t a orphan play kick ball be cause the can’t hit the home plate

Anus McDickNuggets
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Just cause I’m gay doesn’t mean I want you. I’m shocked anyone would

Hey girl are you my boss ‘cause you just gave me a raise #pickupline

Why did hitler kill himself? Cause gas prices were too high


A man shot into a crowd at the train station and didn’t hit one person, when the police asked why he missed, someone said cause he gay.

He couldn’t shoot straight


Anyone want to fuck? Cause my sisters are such cunts!

H dad jsjshisjsjdhd

Why are orphans always at school. Cause they can’t be home schooled.

Shrek Ogrestone
in Roast

One day, the fat kid came up to me and asked me “what’s cracking?” The floorboards, you idiot. You’re causing a 9.7 Richter scale earthquake and asking ME what’s cracking. It would be best if you looked down for a second.

in Orphan

have you ever wondered why orphans hate milk

cause there dad never came back with it

Jeff Bezos
in Orphan

Why do orphans die so much? Cause MJ said " she got covid-19 "

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there is a room of men jamal, david and afzul. “jamal is black”, “david is white” and “afzul is a pakistani” -who set of the bomb-

afzul its clearly him cause hes a pa…

Hello boy
in Milk

The reason your dad never came back with the milk Is cause he ran 88 mph downhill

NoW I HaVe ThE milK pUtA

Anybody remember 9/11? Cause I sure do, and oh boy was my father a good pilot.💥

in Orphan

why can’t orphans play baseball cause they can’t find home

in War

Why’d I cum all over your mummies panties? Cause she’s hot af. LOLOLOOLOLLOL

in Emo

why did the nerd get scared of the emo cause the nerd likes to leave the emo hanging

in Orphan

why did the orphan like milk???cause their parents went to get milk and never came back