what’s the difference between a feminist and suicide vest

a least one does something when it is triggered

3 citizens were going through an exam to become agents of the FBI, their instructor handed the first guy a gun in a room with his wife and said he had to shoot them, he walked out in shame and said he couldn’t do it. The second guy had the same scenario, he put the gun up but couldn’t pull the trigger so he walked out in shame. The third guy was put in the same scenario, he walked out and told the instructor, “The gun wasn’t loaded, I had to strangle the bitch.”

Why did the feminist kill herself?

Because she was TRIGGERED.

“Sanderson, fire a warning shot.”

“Uhh sir, this is an M32 rotary grenade launcher.”

“Ah potato-potato, just pull the trigger.”

What happens when you have a kid with Torrets and a hair trigger? The Las Vegas shooting

So I was doing a puzzle, I was getting triggered with it, my friend said “Its puzzling why your so triggered”

Am I in Florida, bc i’m triggered.