my cat is is red and brown and her bones are crunchy so does that mean she is a kit kat

What is a skeleton´s favorite instrument?

A Sax-O-Bone

u look like burger

How do skeletons have sex?

They bone each other.

How did the skeleton win the girl? He was humerus

Tibia honestly I think the reason I’m bonely is because you guys don’t find my jokes humerus … maybe if I played the trombone it would get people’s attention but tibia honest I can’t be bothered so one just look at my BONE-zai tree, although my brother doesn’t really like that one so how about a S-pine tree

What did the chef say to the skeleton? “BONE Apetit!”

Why did the skeleton start a fight? Because he had a BONE too pick

What do you call a skeleton with no bones? A boneless boy.

how did the skeleton know it was ganna rain. If you said he felt it in his bones, your wrong he watched the weather forcast.

How did I know where you would go next? Oh I felt it in my bones!

papyrus: SANS stop being a lazy Bones. Why bro, guess you don’t have the back bone to do any thin. heheh

Looks like someones funny bones broken!

my friend wast laughing at my jokes so i said is you funny bone broken but he git mad and than i said do you have bone to pick with me he try to insult me but i said call me what you want i got think skin and this story was down to the bone

Joker: How did the skeleton know it was going yo rain?

Person: Because he felt it in his bones?

Joker: He read the weather forcast you f*cking idiot.

How did the skeleton know it was gonna rain?

He could feel it in his bones!

What do skeletons say before they eat? Bone Apetit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Why couldn’t the skeleton go to the prom, because he had no BODY to go with… i could have said a skeleTON more jokes… but i think that might brake your funny bone

So my brother said we should start a band and I said I already had a band…so I gave him my band and said he was talking about music and I said well I do have a trum-bone ;)

Why did the skeleton want a friend? Because she was feeling bonely