“Knock,Knock” “Who’s There?” “bone” “bone who?” “its nice too meet cha’ can we be friends? i’m BONE-ly here.”

Q: What do you call a skeleton that go’s to school but doesn’t do any work A:lazy bones

I just got a text on my cell bone be right back ;)

Sans:pap you’re spaghetti is bonearific.paprus: sans no. Aw you’re funny Bone is not working come on that one was a rib tickler

Why did the skeleton want a friend? Because she was feeling bonely

one day a skeleton wasn’t laughing someone asked him why are you not laughing it turns out he fell and broke his bone, his funny bone that is.

Looks like someones funny bones broken!

im bone dry in material but i have a skeleTON of skeleton jokes after i tell you all these rib ticklers you will have a bone to pick with if you didn’t find that funny you outta rip my spine out

what did the skeleton say when his girlfriend said "im gonna break your heart" He says “go ahead your not breaking my 206 healthy bones”

Sans:Zzzzzzzz Papyrus:SANS WAKE UP!! Sans:What is it dude? Papyrus:A human has fallen from the surface world! Sans:And you gotta BONE to pick with 'em?? Papyrus:Grrrrr… Sans:Oh come on that was a real RIBTICKLER.

If you boil your funny bone it becomes a laughing stock.

Pigeons can be annoying at times, especially when their bones get stuck in-between your teeth.

Yo Mama is so huge when she was bone everyone died

Sans: why couldn’t the skeleton go to prom Papyrus: Why. AND YOU KNOW I HATE PUNS Sans: Because they had NO BODY to go with Papyrus: THAT IS ENOUGH!!! Sans: Sorry didn’t mean to GET UNDER YOUR SKIN Papyrus: YOU HAVE MADE ME MAD TO THE BONE SANS…wait Sans: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

why was the milky way remembered… because its… DELICIOUS!

Why did the skeleton not tell jokes? It lost its funny bone. Maybe you should try putting it back.

Papyrus:You are so lazy sans! Sans:Call me what you want.I got THICK SKIN! Pap:Another bad joke and I’m finished with him!! Frisk:HAHAHA Pap:we are monsters.The awfulest kind! Sans:to mess with us takes a lot of SPINE!!!

Fell Sans: Welp, you’re BONED Fell papyrus: DAMN YOU SANS!!!

What’s a skeleton’s favorite meme? Ken Bone

How did the skeleton know it was about to rain? "Because he felt it in his bones?" No He read the weather app you idiot.