Biden Jokes

President Joe Biden was jogging though some different jogging paths around this great county we live in and was jogging though Alabama and fell off into a swamp filled with killer alligators and these 3 boys named Willie, Roman and Little Johnny saw him fall in and jumped in and drug him to safety, and the president was like thank you, thank you, thank you SOOO much, I'm gunna give you boys a reward for saving my life, and asks them what their names were and what they wanted, the first boy said my name's Willy and i want to go to Disneyland and the president said no problem and I'll take you personally and the 2nd boy said my name's Roman and i want a Autographed pair or Air Jorden Nikes and the president said no troubles at all, and the 3rd boy says my name's Little Johnny, and i want a power wheelchair with a awesome stero and killer wheels, and the present says, you don't look Handicapped Little Johnny and Little Johnny said, I'm not, but as soon as I tell my parents who i saved, i will be🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Yo mamma's hairline so god damn far back even Joe Biden wouldn't sniff it

Me Joe Biden: What do you mean *snifff*

this jokes short just like joe bidens penis oh wait if I were to make a joke to the size of joe bidens penis

i wouldnt write a joke.

"Everyone knows I love kids better than people."

- Joe Biden. (A.K.A Pedo Peter.)

Biden: Shut up Trump, DISRESPECTFUL) President: you are the one with the inappropriate hair touching bro.😎😎😎😎😎😎 Biden: -laughs hard because sloppy Joe can't do anything.

I went to kill Biden with poison water and mixed it with my finger and then licked it. I passed out and now I'm here.