Biden Jokes


what dose BLM stand for. biden loves minors

Kanye north
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What are the differences between Santa and Joe Biden. The kids actually want to sit on Santa’s lap

Moe Lester
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Best political joke....... Joe Biden

My name is Joe Biden and I forgot this message.


Why can't Biden play chess?

Because he doesn't have the towers

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If you own a gun and you live in the USA, hide your gun upstairs Biden can't get it.

Biden: *falls over on steps*


Joe Biden’s speeches are so motivational. In fact, I have been stuck at home these past few weeks, and his well articulated words were enough for me to muster up the courage to jump off of a 10 story building.


In 2021We won't need a April fools prank think of Joe Biden and call it a day

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Joe Biden walks into the White House kitchen. "Are those brownies, I smell?", he asks. "Indeed, they are.", he was told. "Gee", he says, "they smell nothing like Girl Scouts."



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I'm going to pull out your lungs faster than Joe Biden pulled troops out of Afghanistan.


What is the difference between Joe biden and a knife

A knife has a point

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Biden is a joke. Trump is AMAZINGLY AWSOME!!!!!

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One day a man dies and goes to heaven. He gets there and sees a bunch of clocks. He asks Jesus, "Hey what are the clocks for?" Jesus replies, "They move every time you sin." "This is Mother Teresa's, It has not moved so she has not sinned." "This one is Abraham Lincoln's, It has moved twice so he sinned twice." "The man asks, Where is Joe Biden's?" Jesus replies, "It's in my office- I'm using it as a ceiling fan."


There are 4 people on a airplane and the pilot has a heart attack and dies the plane is going down and there are also only 3 parachutes so the guy who knows how to cure cancer says I’m jumping I can save many lives the the 46 president joe Biden says I’m take ing the 2 one so there is only one left Donald trump says to the 7 year old girl I have lived a long life u an take the next one so the little girl says that’s ok the 46 president took my back


Joe Biden doesn’t follow his own fkn mask mandate.

Joe Biden is the first president in history to have a vice president on record claiming they believed sexual harassment allegations against him. I don't know about you, but I think that's a pretty big elephant in the room!



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What do you call the United States of America under a Joe Biden presidency? Answer: The Democratic People’s Socialist States of America. We're still America, just a different kind of America. And that’s no joke. 😔

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Kamala Harris is so ugly that Joe Biden is shaking hands with invisible people!