Biden Jokes


this jokes short just like joe bidens penis oh wait if I were to make a joke to the size of joe bidens penis

i wouldnt write a joke.

im joe bidens husban

Yo mamma's hairline so god damn far back even Joe Biden wouldn't sniff it

Me Joe Biden: What do you mean *snifff*

in Ball

Do you know Biden. Biden on these nuts


Imagine if Joe Biden was elected for a second term. He would be the first president to be assassinated by a slick bathtub


Did you hear Biden went to the ER? He's having a little trouble with his Putin

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BLM Biden Loves Bisexuality


Yo mama so ugly Joe biden was jelly


biden 2020

in Basement

I found a child on the street homeless and they were really nice so I took them Ho,e then I said who's better Biden or trump they said they support trump they r now dead in my basement and have been for 3 years

Anonymi Spools

"Do you know the Annoying Orange?"

"Yeah, they elected him before Biden!"

in Dumbness

So Biden and the zele and Putin on a plane and the plane losses attitude and goes down but there are 2 parachutes and Putin takes the first one and jumps cause he is a greedy twat so he jumps but then Biden says “you go zele I am much older than you and it is so ok for me to die.” So zele takes the second one and jumps but when he did the plane regains attitude and Biden got to Washington DC all fine.they found out the reason was zele’s steels balls

If I'm racist for voting Trump, then you're a pedophile for voting Biden.

Biden: My girlfriend called me a pedophile. I said, "That's a pretty big word for a 9 year old".


Dora- where do we go next Kids at home- Area 51 Meanwhile Dora- let’s go deliver the evidence to President Biden 1 day later Dora - WE DID IT HORAY

in Clinton

If Hillary and Biden got locked in a room together all they would talk about is how to ruin America and make a plan to steal children.

Biden: See you later, alligator!

Alligator: In a while, pedophile.