Baby Jokes


Q: How do you deliver an autistic baby? A: A clothes hanger


abortion jokes are like the babies; they never get old

Cabal 101

When babies kick their mother it’d okay but when I do it, it’s a crime…

Yo mom
in Orphanage

Why can’t orphans have babies

Because they have no one to call daddy


Why can’t women just shut the fuck up! I hate women they need to know their place and stay in the kitchen a d be baby makers…


what is worse than ten dead babies nailed to a tree, one dead baby nailed to ten trees

in Dead Baby

Did you know the Bible has a passage about killing babies by smashing them against rocks? That’s probably because microwaves hadn’t been invented yet.

What’s the difference between a Porsche and 50 dead babies?

… I don’t have a Porsche in my garage.

Little Johnny ran into the kitchen and asked his mother "Mom can little girls have babies " his mom answered “of course not” a few minutes later his mom heard him shout to his friend "it’s okay we can keep playing

So… err actually know don’t worry. I was gonna make a joke about dead babies but I had to abort.

in Orphan

Why did the Asian parents have a Asian baby

Two songs don’t make a white

in Girl

Give me baby girl names for a pregnant YouTuber.


The difference between Isaac Newton and the baby I just stabbed?

Isaacs Newton died a virgin.

Alexander Muradyan

What’s the difference between limbs of babies and a dick?

I’ve never sucked on dicks.


Q. What do rapists fear more than rabies?

A. Rape babies

Weird boi
in Pee

This shit is weird (as baby girl pees)dad “trust me shitting is weirder “


I was going to tell a dead baby joke. But I decided to abort.